NEVIS Security Suite

NEVIS protects over 500 banking, insurance and government portals and secures over 80% of all e-banking transactions in Switzerland, making it the Swiss market leader in identity and access management solutions.


AdNovum launches nevisDetect for continuous authentication

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    nevisAuth – Authentication

    nevisAuth implements strong user and system authentication for identity and access management solutions. It offers secure execution of multi-step authentication and is able to dynamically adjust authentication strengths. nevisAuth is highly flexible, easily integrated and supports plug-ins to various authentication methods.


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  • nevisDetect for continuous authentication
  • nevisProxy – Entry Gateway and Web Application Firewall

    nevisProxy is an entry gateway with integrated web application firewall (WAF). nevisProxy controls user access and protects sensitive data, applications, services, and systems from internal and external threats.


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    nevisIDM – Identity Management

    nevisIDM is a multi-client-capable identity management solution that enables central management of users, applications, and permissions. To permit efficient management of users and credentials, nevisIDM supports delegated administration as well as self-administration.


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  • nevisReports – Governance Dashboards and Reporting

    nevisReports provides detailed reports on topics such as utilization, performance, security incidents and identity administration. The component is fully integrated in the NEVIS Security Suite. Access and indexing of relevant data as well as preparation and distribution of predefined reports is done automatically or requires minimum configuration. It is possible to extend the standard reports of nevisReports at any time and tailor them to the customer's needs.


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    Stephan Schweizer Chief Product Officer NEVIS