UBS Paymit

The sending-and-requesting-money app

UBS has launched a new app to strengthen its position in the mobile payment market and provide added value for customers. For this purpose, UBS teamed up with SIX and a number of banks to engineer an easy to use and secure app to send and receive money - the award-winning Paymit app.

The result of the cooperation between UBS, SIX and a number of other banks is Paymit: the simple peer-to-peer payment app that has already won several awards at "Best of Swiss Apps 2015". UBS Paymit is free of charge, even for users without a UBS account. Users register conveniently with their mobile phone, credit card and account number. The design – characterized by its simplicity – makes it particularly easy to send, receive and request money in real-time.


The app is integrated in the UBS backend where authorization and authentication take place and part of the payment is processed. In addition, the SIX Paymit scheme is connected, enabling direct integration of other banks' apps. Based on a hybrid approach using Cordova, UBS Paymit works with both iOS and Android. TouchID and push notifications allow for additional convenience.


AdNovum was responsible for the business analysis, implementation and integration and now ensures further development, maintenance and support of UBS Paymit. For the best possible user experience, AdNovum worked closely together with UBS and external partners. Usability decisions were based on the UBS design guidelines.


One major challenge of the project was the short time to market. While a big bank is subject to stringent compliance and security requirements, it was crucial to launch the solution as quickly as possible. Thanks to an agile approach, for UBS Paymit this was possible in less than a year.


Outlook: In the near future, UBS Paymit shall be extended to allow person to merchant (P2M) payments.


  • Simple P2P payment solution: only mobile phone, credit card and account number necessary
  • Sending and requesting money in simple steps
  • High level of usability
  • Debit bank account or credit card
  • Integrated TouchID


  • Mobile App for iOS and Android Cordova
  • Backend with JavaEE and Spring